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Gneo Privacy Policy

In brief:
We, Keane and Able Limited, (hereinafter "Keane and Able" and "we"), have developed the application "Gneo" (hereinafter "Gneo")

Gneo is a productivity application that helps you to prioritize and organize your life and get the right things done at the right time. In order to give you the best possible experience, we collect and store some information that lets us tailor our services to best assist you with your everyday life.
Occasionally we will need to share some information with our partners and providers. This information will be fully anonymized to protect your privacy.

Complete Privacy Policy:
Gneo respects your privacy and strives to protect your personal information. Our Privacy Policy is applicable to all services (hereinafter the "Services") that we offer, whether accessed online via our website or from a mobile phone.
Our privacy policy explains in detail which information we collect and how we use your personal information when you use the Services offered by Keane and Able. We may update this policy at any time; please check back frequently to stay current.
Your clicking on the “Log In” button as well as your continued use of the Services indicates that you have read this Privacy Policy and that you accept its terms. You also give your express permission for us to collect, store, and use your information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

At all times, your use of Keane and Able’s Services is governed by our Terms of Service, available at . If you access the site or mobile application from outside the United States, you may be subject to other rules and/or limitations of the Services.

Collection of Information
Keane and Able may collect the following kinds of information in order to best serve your needs, in accordance with the services that we offer:

1. Provided Information from Users
In order to sign up for the Services, you may be required to submit personal identifying information, e.g. your name, email address, location, and account password. This information may be combined with other information from your account in order to better serve your needs and personalize your experience. In addition, we may furnish this information to third party providers when necessary for the provision of the Services. In some of the events that we ask for personal information in order to carry out transactions or services for any other purpose than those described in this Privacy Policy, we will present you with an opt-in as opportunity to accept the services. Keane and Able does not use your personal information for services which have not been described in this Privacy Policy without first obtaining your consent and shall not transfer your personal information to third parties other than for performance of the Services.

2. Subscriptions, Purchases, or other Transactions
When you use the Services to make a purchase or complete a transaction, you may be asked to share certain personal information in addition to what you have provided upon opening your account. Additionally, other information may be required to complete the transaction. This information will be requested on a case by case basis and will be saved only upon your express confirmation in order to enhance your experience using our Services. We may use this information to assist in the successful completion of the transaction, to analyze and provide feedback on the Services, to ensure a safe transaction free of credit or other fraud, or to better our customer service efforts.

3. Data Stored on Your Computer or Mobile phone - Cookies
We use cookies to access information when you access to store a limited amount of behavioral data. You can configure your browser to accept or reject these cookies and we will respect this decision by not using other means to track you.

4. Information Storage and Logs
Every time you use the Services, information that your mobile browser sends is automatically recorded by our servers in logs. The information included in these logs may include your IP (Internet Protocol) address, IMEI number, location, usage analytics, type of browser and version, language, cookies, session records and the time and date you accessed the Services.

5. Communications from Users
So that we are able to answer your questions and requests as thoroughly as possible, we may keep emails or other communications you send to us.

6. Minimum Age of Use
The minimum age of use for the Services is 13 years of age. We do not knowingly solicit and collect personal information from individuals younger than 13 years of age. If you do not meet this minimum age requirement, you should not register for Keane and Able services, nor should you furnish information such as your name, address, phone number, or email address to us. In the event that we discover usage by an individual under the age of 13 without parental consent, we will make every effort to delete their personal information immediately. To inform us of usage by a child under 13, please contact us at

7. Actions in Public and Community Areas
Information that you or other users display, write, or post in the public areas of the Services becomes public information when it is posted. Keane and Able cannot control how this information is used when it is disclosed in group postings, message boards, user forums, chat functions or others channels. Please be aware of your communications in these venues and refrain from disclosing private information or information you do not want made public. In these areas, be careful as to not release your name or other private information because this content is available to others. MESSAGE BOARD POSTINGS, EMAILS, AND OTHER SUGGESTIONS AND COMMENTS YOU PROVIDE IN THESE AREAS WILL BE TREATED AS NON-CONFIDENTIAL AND NON-PROPRIETARY. SHOULD YOU USE YOUR REAL NAME, IT WILL BE INDEXED BY SEARCH ENGINES AND WILL BE DISCOVERABLE BY ANYONE USING THE WORLD WIDE WEB.

8. Partners and Websites Affiliated with Keane and Able
Keane and Able partners with other web services, mobile services and websites to provide additional services that enhance your experience. The information that you submit to these sites and services may be sent to Keane and Able in order to complete the transaction or deliver the service. Any information collected by us in this manner will be processed in accordance with this Privacy Policy. However, information that our partners or affiliates collect may be subject to different privacy policies. We encourage you to read the policies of these sites or mobile applications individually. Cookies from third parties are not covered under our Privacy Policy, nor do we control the services and practices of our partners.

9. Links
In order to improve our service and gain information on customer usage, we may present links in a manner that allows us to monitor if the link has been followed. This can be done through an automatic redirect, or through a special URL. The information we gather from these links is used to make our search return more relevant results, as well as to customize our content.

10. Information Usage
According to this Privacy Policy, personal information is gathered, saved and processed for the provision of the Services as described. We may further use this information to inform our Services, audit the delivery and quality of those services, make sure that our technology is functioning properly, develop new offerings, research service usage, and protect the security of our services.

11. Global Use of the Services

International Aspects:
Keane and Able is a global service. Therefore, Keane and Able stores and processes the information gathered on servers located in the United States of America and in other countries. In some cases, we process personal information on a server outside your own country. We may process personal information to provide our own Services. In some cases, we may process personal information for the purpose and according to the instructions of a third party for the purpose of providing the Services. These Services are hosted in the United States and is intended for United States visitors. If you are visiting from the European Union or other regions with laws governing data collection and use that may differ from United States law, please note that you are transferring your personal data to the United States and by providing your personal data you consent to that transfer. When you provide personal data to Keane and Able or our service providers or vendors, you consent to the processing of your data in the United States as the Service is operated in the United States.

Further Explanation of Policies Regarding Sharing Information to Partners and Other Companies
We may share information to our partners and other companies as described above or under the following limited circumstances:
When you have given us your prior consent, such as opting-in for a service or transaction or by accepting this Privacy policy.
When we need to complete a transaction with one of our affiliated companies or business partners. In these circumstances, we shall require our partners and affiliates to comply with the terms laid out in this Privacy Policy. If the transaction requires that you set up an individual account with the third party, then their Privacy Policy governs your information and actions on that service.
When we believe in good faith that using or disclosing your information is necessary in order to uphold applicable laws, regulations, legal processes or enforceable governmental requests, and when we must enforce the Keane and Able's Terms of Service. This includes instances when we may need to investigate potential violations of these agreements, detect and prevent fraud, and address issues pertaining to the security of the Services. This also includes instances when we may need to protect against harm to the property, rights, and safety of Keane and Able, its users and the public as required by law.
If Keane and Able enters into a merger, acquisition or other sale of its assets, we will issue a notice before your personal information is transferred. In this event, your information will become subject to a different privacy policy.
When Keane and Able shares non-personal information to partners and third parties. This information does not include personal details or identify individuals. It may include statistics of application usage, number of users as well as search data.

Transmission of Data and Information over the Internet
Upon receipt of a transmission from a user, we take appropriate action to ensure the security of our system. These actions include efforts to prevent unauthorized access or changes made to the system. We also take steps to prevent the disclosure or destruction of data, including periodic reviews of the storage, processing and collection of data. We also employ physical security measures to protect our information systems. Keane and Able assumes no responsibility for circumvention of any privacy settings or security measures contained on the Services.

Access to personal information is available only to the employees, contractors, and partners of Keane and Able who must use that information in order to provide the Services, develop or improve them. Prior to accessing the personal information, these individuals have agreed to confidentiality agreements and may be subject to disciplinary action, possible termination, or criminal prosecution if they do no abide by these agreements.
In the event of a violation of our security system, we will attempt to inform you electronically and instruct you on the appropriate course of action in order to protect your information. When you use Keane and Able's Services, you agree to receive electronic communications from us regarding any issues of security or privacy that arise from use of the Services. If a violation of our security system occurs, you may see a notice on our Website or receive an email to the email address that you have provided upon registration. According to the jurisdiction where you reside, you may also have the right to receive this notice in writing. To receive free written notice from Keane and Able regarding a security breach (or withdraw your consent from receiving electronic notice) you must contact us at

We will process your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and use it for the purposes that have been outlined above. In order to ensure that we are collecting and storing only the necessary date, we periodically review our data collection and implement changes to improve the Services. You should be vigilant in updating your personal information whenever there is reason to do so, as we rely on accurate information to provide the Services. Copies of your information may still be accessible even after they have been removed from the Services if they have been cached or if other users have copied or stored your information with your prior consent.
When appropriate, Keane and Able takes steps to provide you with access to your personal information in order to correct it or delete it at your request, as long as this data is not required to be kept by law or for legitimate business practices. If you request to remove, update, or access this data or personal information from our systems, we will require you to provide identification and to explicitly state which information you would like removed, updated or accessed. We reserve the right to decline these requests if we judge them to be in breach of other users' privacy, or if the requests are overly redundant, require effort beyond a reasonable amount, or are out of our range of capabilities.
To access or change or delete your account information please contact us at Some of our services have different procedures to access, correct or delete user's personal information. We provide the details for the procedures in the FAQs for these services.
We take measures to ensure that Keane and Able and the Services comply with this Privacy Policy at all times. If you have questions or concerns relating to the usage and collection of your personal information, you may contact us as any time. Address all inquiries to If we receive a formal complaint, we will contact the individual in response to the claims. Should any legal authorities be involved, Keane and Able will comply fully with their requests, and work to resolve outstanding issues in a timely manner.
This Privacy Policy is subject to change from time to time, as we strive to keep our policies up to date and in line with industry standards. When changes are made, we will post those changes at
You are invited to contact us at any time regarding this Privacy Policy. Please address all questions about this Privacy Policy to

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